Welcome to the Original Boutique   Therapy Agency.

Polo Jean-Louis, LCSW, LLC (Polo LCSW) is a clinical practice boutique agency offering various services to individuals, couples, and consulting expertise to businesses & groups. We aim to provide individualized clinically proven service/care and an extraordinary client experience while meeting your personal or business needs. As a boutique agency, we take on limited clientele.  It allows us to provide our clients with personalized close attention, to their service needs, in order to best achieve successful service outcomes.

Its founder and owner, Polo Jean-Louis. MS.is a board licensed clinical social worker & psychotherapist in the State of Maine.

The Brand:

Polo LCSW is the original boutique therapy agency that aims to offer clients superior clinical and consulting services. The agency aims to achieve individualized wellness and balance using the most clinically proven methods in a comfortable and safe setting… experience the difference.

Mission Statement:

Polo Jean-louis, LCSW, is the original boutique therapy agency, aiming to providing superior clinical and consulting services using the most clinically proven methods and building community partnerships to enhance the wellness of its clients and community. We aim to provide an extraordinary client experience while meeting your personal or business needs.


  • To use best practice methods actively to provide superior services to its consumers.
  • To enhance the wellness of its consumers and community.
  • To build community partnerships & information that benefit its consumers and community.
  • To provide our consumers the highest level of customer service.
  • To be socially & environmentally conscious in the community we live and/or serve.

  • The journey for change and growth.
  • The original boutique therapy agency offering the best service experience in America.