Looking for LCSW or LCPC supervision? Polo Jean-Louis LCSW offers supervision for LCSW and LCPC licensing.

Clinical Supervision Towards an
Advanced LCSW & LCPC License

We are committed in helping you take your career to the highest level. This is achieved by developing your clinical skills, providing you with professional support, and preparing you for the process to become fully licensed.

Polo LCSW offers clinical supervision to licensed masters level social workers (LMSW-CCs) and to licensed professional counselors (LPC-CCs) who hold a valid clinically conditionally state license. In order for these candidates to hold the advanced LCSW or LCPC licenses, active supervision by a LCSW or LCPC is required. Licensed graduates from accredited social work & counseling institutions only are invited to explore supervision opportunities with us. We provide weekly group & individual clinical supervision. We also provide educational support around the LCSW board examination.


Spring/Summer 2016:  TBD. Supervision towards clinical hours is primarily provided at Preble Street Inc. for its active staff.

As defined by the Maine State Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation’s Social Work and Counseling Boards (Effective January 2012):

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is a person who has received a license as a Clinical Social Worker from the board, and may engage in Clinical Social Work Practice: The professional application of social work theory and methods to the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of psychosocial dysfunction, disability or impairment, including emotional and mental disorders. It is based on knowledge and theory of psychosocial development, behavior, psychopathology, unconscious motivation, interpersonal relationships, environmental stress, social systems, and cultural diversity with particular attention to person-in-environment. It shares with all social work practice the goal of enhancement and maintenance of psychosocial functioning of individuals, families and small groups.

A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) is a person who renders or offers to render for a fee, monetary or otherwise, to individuals, families, groups, organizations or the general public, a counseling service involving the application of the principles and procedures of counseling to assess and treat intrapersonal and interpersonal problems and other dysfunctional behaviors and to assist in the overall development and adjustment of those served.


FOR LCSW LICENSING: Clinical social work consultation as a LMSW-CC shall be concurrent and proportionate with social work employment (the rate is typically 4 hours a month). The total number of consultation hours depends on whether or not you hold a clinical MSW.

Clinical MSW consultation hours are 96/3200 and non-clinical MSW consultation hours are 192/6400 hours. Group supervision is permitted but cannot exceed 72 out of the 96 hours or 144 out of the 192 hours. Volunteer hours are permitted with a LCSW consultant, but cannot account for more than 10% of the total hours required.

Clinical supervision will enhance the clinical social workers professional skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to achieve competency in providing competent and quality client care.

Upon applying for LCSW licensing, LMSW-CCs will be also applying to sit for the ASWB (Association of Social Work Boards) exam. ASWB now requires applicants to be approved to sit for the examination. Once your application is completed and approved, you will receive notification from the board with information on how to register for the exam.

The following website contains more information regarding the ASWB examination:

To access a Maine State LCSW Application:

The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) is Social Work Examination Board for the US & Canada.


FOR LCPC LICENSING: A total of 3,000 hours is required with at least 1,500 hours gained in direct client contact. In addition, at least 100 hours of individual supervision must be gained – with no more than 50 hours earned in a group setting.

The conditional license is a minimum two-year license that may be renewed twice only, when applying for licensure. Candidates are also applying to sit for the next available NCE (National Counselor Exam). However, NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) will permit a candidate to sit independent of the Maine board if either the candidate’s school enrolls them or if a candidate is applying for the NBCC credential.

The following website contains more information regarding the NCE examination:

To access a Maine State LCPC Application:

Standard Service Fee Schedule for Clinical Supervision:

Sliding Scale per 50 minute/weekly Individual Session
$30.00 per 50 minutes/weekly Group (Maximum number: 5/group)


Please send us completed clinical supervision application (found above) and call to schedule an assessment interview with us to begin the process.

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